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toilet/cistern replacements

Do you have a leaky toilet, or a running toilet, that is in need of repair? Casotti Plumbers offers full water closets replacement to all areas of Perth and its surrounding suburbs.

Why You Need to Replace Your Toilet Suite

A lot of water is wasted by older toilets, and this results in your bills monthly being much more than they should be. You will not only be saving yourself a lot of money installing a new toilet, but you will also be benefitting the environment as well. And besides, it is prudent to conserve water. Newer water closet suites can offer you great aesthetic appeal as well.

Here are some things to look for in when you are renovating or just merely to replace your WC:

  • Low Flow – you can substantially reduce the per flush water quantity when compared to the older models
  • Bidets – because these look terrific in the home, and provide you with a little luxury, bidets are gaining popularity in Australia.
  • Dual-Flush – most of the houses in Australia is equipped with dual flush WC, get your replaced now if it is not. 

Casotti Plumbers will be able to assist you with the following problems:

  • your toilet is not flushing
  • water continuously runs
  • flushes poorly
  • clogged toilet discharge pipe
  • water cistern sweats
  • toilet overflows
  • loose toilet
  • leaky toilet seal
  • toilet flange repair

Important Dimensions

You want to make sure that the new toilet you are looking at will fit in place of the old one you are removing. To the center of one of the closet bolts (these are the bolts that in place to hold down the toilet), measure from the wall behind the toilet. Make certain you measure to the center of one of the rear bolts, should the toilet have four closet bolts. Also, measure to the back of the new toilet you are looking at from the center of the mounting holes. Make a comparison of these two measurements. If the new toilet base is less than the distance between the wall and the rear bolt holes, it should fit. Where space is tight in smaller bathrooms, to assure side-to-side clearance, also measure to sidewalls from the sides of the flange bolts. The last thing you need to find out is that because it is seeking to occupy a bit of the same space as your vanity, you cannot wedge your new toilet into place!

Making Sure Your New Toilet Fits

You are going to need to purchase both a cistern and a bowl unless you select one of the sleek, new one-piece models available, don’t worry the cistern and the bowl will come in separate boxes. 

Casotti Plumbers will make certain that both components will match. And should the flush assembly is not be installed on the cistern you purchase, we can and will be happy to get it installed for you.

Casotti Plumbers uses only the best fitting. For example, we use the new flexible hose with stainless-steel protection mesh for the final connection. They are attractive, durable and very convenient to install.

Give us a call, get in touch with Casotti Plumbers today on 0418 911 592, for more information about our bathroom plumbing service. Casotti Plumbers provides the complete service required to repair or replace any toilet suite. Our fully equipped plumbers are prepared to supply and fix your cistern on the spot to eliminate the hassle linked with toilet and cistern problems.

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