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backflow testing maintenance

Every connection that hooks up to Water Corporation drinking water supply will need backflow devices installed to prevent backflow. Such as in new developments, redevelopments of existing facilities, changes to any existing water service, additions and alterations, multiple residences, commercial buildings and etc. See Plumbing Handbook – A guide to working with Water Corporation page 17 for more details.

So, What Exactly What are Backflow Prevention Devices?

When backflow occurs in piping reticulate water flows in its opposite design flow directions. These unexpected flow directions may cause contamination to the whole water system. Hence, the reason for a backflow device. 

All water connections to Water Corporation drinking water supply must have a backflow prevention device so that pollution does not become an issue.  Polluted water can lead to severe health conditions and even fatalities.  

Why Does Backflow Exist?

Backflow occurs when the downstream water pressure is higher than the water delivery main.  For instance, when the main ruptures.  So to protect the integrity of our water supply; 

  • Water Services Regulations 2013
  • Water Services Act 2012 
  • AS/NZS 3500:2003 Plumbing and Drainage Part 1: Water Services.
  • AS/NZS 2845:1998 Water Supply-Backflow Prevention Devices Part 1: Materials, design and performance requirements.
  • AS 2845:1996 Water Supply-Backflow Prevention Devices Part 2: Air gaps and break tanks.
  • AS 2845:2010 Water Supply-Backflow Prevention Devices Part 3: Field testing and maintenance

prescribed the need for backflow prevention devices.


Backflow devices testing and maintenance is crucial and is part of the mandatory requirements of Water Corporation.

All backflow devices must be tested at least every 12 months by licensed plumbers. And the licensed plumber will need to issue a backflow prevention testing report within five days of the test.  The plumber or plumbing company can be fined $1,000 if he does not present his report to you within the designated time frame.

Water Corporation has the right to restrict your water supply until your backflow device complies with the prescribed statutory requirements.

Backflow Prevention Test Gage Kit

Our test kits use to test backflow prevention valves are precision instruments.  They are calibrated and certified annually according to AS 2845.3. And subject to Water Corporation spot audit when necessary.

Why Casotti Plumbers

If you are Casotti Plumbers’ customer, we send out reminder notices to ensure you are not in violation of the relevant statutory requirements. Failing to comply, you can be penalised a fine until you comply.

Keep our drinking water safe call Casotti Plumbers, we are fully certified to keep your backflow prevention systems up to date. 

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