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LPG installations

When piped natural gas is not available in your premise, the next best alternative is the use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG); as bottled Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is not cost effective for homes and small businesses.

More so with the constant increase in electrical cost, it may be prudent that you consider installing LPG gas to your all electric home/ business to mitigate your monthly energy cost. Casotti Plumbers are always ready and prepared to help you to change-over from your all-electric to gas enabled. We are fully equipped with the knowledge, skills and years of experience in this area if natural gas is not available.

Below is some preliminary consideration for your information.

Adding LPG Gas and Appliances to your home/ business

You have two options when considering LPG bottled gas supply to your home or business;

  • LPG gas bottle exchange
  • Automatic tanker deliveries

The choice between the two is depended on your LPG consumption, call Casotti Plumber today and we will be able to give you our expert advice on which option work out more economical for your requirements.

Gas bottle and cylinder sizes

LPG gas bottles come in many different sizes, the two most common cylinder sizes for home use are 45kg and 90kg LPG gas cylinders.

45kG LPG Gas Cylinder

The 45kg gas bottles, a typical installation consist of two 45kg cylinders installed in parallel and coupled to an auto or manual change-cover manifold.

This manifold will enable switch over of the gas supply from the empty bottle to the full bottle. And empty bottle replaced without disruption of gas supply.

The 45kg LPG cylinder can also be used with automatic tanker delivery service.

90kg LPG Gas Cylinder

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