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sewer extensions

Are you converting to sewer reticulate from septic system? To connect your property to Water Corporation’s wastewater system, you will need to engage a licensed plumber. And before you convert to a wastewater connection from a septic tank, you must have the approval of the environmental health officer of your local government. He will evaluate and advise you if your old septic tank needs decommissioning, and any other requirements as necessary.

A new sewer junction – when would you require one?

A sewer junction will usually already exist, if a sewer main passes a property. There are, however, some instances when this is simply not the case so that a new sewer junction might be needed if it is viable.

To avoid any potential disputes; in the event of pipe blockages, or should the shared line be damaged, it is recommended that separate junctions to different properties. As such a second sewer junction might have to be cut in. If within 600mm of the property boundary, existing plumbing must be relocated, so as to lessen the chances of building activity impacting it in any way.

Casotti Plumbers can assist you whether it is for a junction new installation, sewer extensions, or perhaps for an existing sewerage system diversion. You can also get in touch with Casotti Plumbers if your sewerage line requires complete replacement, inspections, or any repair work. 

Casotti Plumbers can assist you in new sewer connections, sewer extensions, diversions, sewer junction cut-ins for strata lot sub divisions and green title sub divisions.

Call Casotti Plumbers on 0418 911 592. Our fully prepared team has the expertise and licenses to complete all your sewer extension requirements to meet the standards and protocols as specified by the Water Corporation.

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