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hot water installations

Casotti Plumbers specialised in hot water plumbing, and we install top electric and gas systems.  We are reputable specialists that are available 24/7.  To get hot water installation, service and repairs, please call Casotti Plumbers on 0418 911 592 day or night.

Need Hot Water ASAP?

Why take cold showers when you can take hot showers?  Our team of plumbers can attend to your emergency call 24/7. Our plumbers will be on site within two hours for all after hours emergencies. It doesn’t matter if your hot water faulty in the middle of the night. We will get your hot water system running again. Give us a call.  We have emergency hot water systems ready in our vans. 

Just because our suppliers might not be open for business doesn’t mean that we’re closed for business.  We can help provide temporary hot water in a short amount of time.  Once our suppliers are open for business, we will install a permanent system according to your needs.

Give us a call @ 0418 911 592.  We can help you select and install a suitable hot water system.  We will come to your location and give you an itemised quote for acceptance before we begin any your work.

Which is the Best System?

Most modern hot water systems are usually gas, and there are many choices.  Solar and heat pump hot water systems are considered perfect alternatives.  When purchasing a new system, don’t forget to ask about government rebates. 

Why Choose a Gas Water System?

It is prudent to consider gas how water system if you are in the market to replace your hot water system. Gas hot water systems are very reliable, and it lasts a long time with proper maintenance.  It is also more cost efficient and has a lower running cost than electric systems.

Which System is the Best for You?

You have two choices when it comes to hot water systems.  Choose from the following:

  • storage tank type
  • continuous flow system that provides instant hot water

Both of these options are cost efficient, and they provide a fast flow of hot water.

Many factors that affect your final decision when deciding on your new how water system.  These include things such as the size of your home, the number of people in your family and the type of system that you currently own.  If you change from a gas storage system to a gas continuous flow system, this means that you will need to upgrade your gas pipes, as instant hot water system requires higher gas flow

Other Kinds of Systems

Casotti Plumbers offers Perth residents a choice of different gas water heaters, as well as electrical systems for those areas where gas is not readily available.  For more information on these options.

Hot Water Tempering Valves

A hot water tempering valve is designed to regulate the temperature of the water that you use.  It balances and mixes hot and cold water so that the temperature is no higher than 50 degrees.  This balanced mixture of water flows to areas such as the bathroom and kitchen.

All new hot water installations should include a tempering valve.

Service and Maintenance

Casotti Plumbers can also replace old valves or install extra or new valves.  We work with electricians who work within the guidelines of all WA regulations.

You should have your system maintained at least once every two years. Please give us a call on 0418 911 592. Never take a cold shower again! Casotti Plumbers’ quality installations will leave you relaxing in your warm shower or bath. We will install and service your hot water system so you can rest in comfort.

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