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leak detection

Leaks can be, and are, very costly and wasteful. You can save yourself both precious money, and precious water, by regularly checking your property the taps, pipes, and fittings. Through our advanced practical experience and leak detection technology, we are able to locate and repair any hidden leaking or broken water pipes in both homes and commercial properties. This way we are able to detect any problems before they cause significant damage.

To check your water meter, regularly use these steps, and check proactively for any signs of leaks.

Leaks – Just Where Should I Look For Them?

Inside The Home

Search in the laundry, bathroom, and kitchen for leaking dishwasher and washing machine connections, and for dripping taps. If you see damp patched on your wall, it may be indications of a water leak.

And by placing in the tank a few drops of food color, you can check your toilet cistern for any leaks. Look for coloring in the bowl, before flushing it. You have a leak if it is getting through.

Outside The Home

Search through your garden and look at:

  • garden irrigation (sprinklers included)
  • outdoor garden hoses/taps
  • exposed pipe work
  • manual isolation valves and automatic solenoids
  • Look over your hot water systems

Make certain also to check out unstable and damp brick paving and garden areas which may appear greener and moister than expected.

Just How Do You Detect A Leak?

All you need to do is follow these simple steps to conducting a leak detection test by yourself:

Step #1 Turn off any and all water appliances in the home, so you can be sure that no water is used in the house.

Step #2 Read your meter.

Step #3 After 15 minutes, take another reading.

Step #4 If there has been a change in the readings, a leak has been confirmed, and you need to do further investigation.

What Do I Do in Event of a Leak?

Make sure you engage a licensed plumber to carry out the repair works.

After completion of the repairs, you will need to confirm that there is no more leak. Repeat steps #1 to #4 above to carry out the confirmation. Having more than one leak is not an unusual occurrence.

Are You Able To Get A Leak Allowance? 

When the works are carried out by a licensed plumber, and he confirmed you have had an undetectable leak repaired, Water Corporation may be offered a leak allowance.

If the leak is in your irrigation system, the system has to be brought up to standard by a certified Water Wise Garden Irrigator. 

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