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leaking taps & cisterns

Leaking Taps

Ever try to fall asleep while the tap from the next room is steadily dripping? Dripping faucets can do more than just aggravate the life out of you, especially if you are trying to sleep! It can also hit you deep in the wallet when it comes time to pay your water bill. Just one leaky faucet can cause thousands of gallons of water wasted down your drain in a year’s time.

Your water comes into your home through pressured pipes. When you turn off your tap, the washer seal and stops the water flow. Washers are either silicone-based or rubber, tap washers get worn, torn, dislodged, or became stiff and need periodic replacements. So when you have leaky faucets, chances are you have worn washers.  Replacing those washers is something you can do yourself but without the proper tools, even this simple task can be more challenging than you think. If the leaks have been allowed to go on for some time, usually it will end up causing the valve seat to become corroded or worn. You may also need to re-seat your faucets. When leaks develop, call Casotti Plumbers immediately to help mitigate any additional cost.

Leaky Cisterns

If you’ve grown weary of jiggling your cistern flush button to make the toilet flush correctly, it could be time for you to replace the flushing mechanism inside the cistern. You can purchase replacement or repair kits at your local hardware store, but you will need to make sure it fits your current cistern.

There are on some occasions when your toilet runs for no reasons; the problem is more complicated. If you have gone to the trouble of replacing your float apparatus, flapper, and fill tube, and things still aren’t right, then you probably may have sediment that is affecting the proper filling and flushing. Call Casotti Plumbers if you are unsure what to do, we will get it sorted for you.

When you notice your water bills are higher than normal, it is usually an indicative of a leak. A usual method to detect silent leaks in a toilet is to add some food colouring (just a few drops) to your upper tank. Give it 15 – 20 minutes and then look in your toilet bowl for any traces of color. If you are to see tinted water streak, it means your flush valve is not functioning properly.

Call Casotti to sort out your leaking taps and cisterns. Our licensed plumbers are just a click away or book us on 0418 911 592.

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