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natural gas installations

Over the last decades or so, there have been different sources of energy to heat or cook in our homes, such as electrical power and propane bottles. Piped natural gas is more common now. Natural gas mainly contains methane, which is the greenest hydrocarbon. Natural gas (methane) is lighter than air which dissipates easily in an event of a leak occurred.

Natural Gas is known to be the purest fossil fuel, hence when you use natural gas, you are protecting our environment more than other energy sources. When natural gas burns, it produces less carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere than any other gas used for the same purposes.

For natural gas, like all combustible gas installations, you want to ensure that the works carried out safely and in compliance with statutory standards and regulations. Use only licensed gas fitters to carry out your gas works, and make sure they are authorised as well as experienced and knowledgeable about the intended works. Casotti Plumbers is licensed and are proficient in installing natural gas works.

Our licensed gas fitters are accountable for all safety measures of the work we perform as well as assuring the work completed is up to standards and regulations. As natural gas is highly flammable, when installed incorrectly you will increase the risk of fires, burns, explosions as well as inhalation which may cause asphyxiations ... DON'T RISK IT!

We will always pressure leak test your natural gas installation, and ensure it is leak free. Casotti Plumbers will issue you with a compliance certificate once we complete your installation. Call us today on 0418 911 592.

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