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stormwater disposal

Property owners may be liable for damages caused by improper disposal of water from their site.

These simple storm water disposal requirements should be adhered to:

  • From all buildings, discharge away.
  • From all boundaries, discharge away.
  • Across a footpath area or the verge, water must not flow. 
  • Never allow water to create an unhealthy condition, or to pond. 
  • From flowing back into the building, water must always be prevented.
  • When paving falls toward the boundary, provide a kerb or spoon drain.

The current legislation governing the disposal of stormwater are

  • Building Code of Australia, 
  • AS/NZS 3500.3:2003 Plumbing and drainage – Stormwater drainage

All municipal council mandates that stormwater from downpipes, gutters, roofs, garden areas and paved areas are drained through steel box sections located below the level of the footpath, of at least class 12 PVC pipes, to the street water table.

Where you have excessive storm water discharge, or surface flooding within your property; one practical solution is to install soak wells. Soak well is also known as storm pit, soak hole, sock well, storm tank or drainage pit. Soakwell is essentially an underground tank that will catch and disperse storm water runoff from downpipes or surface drains. Stormwater will effectively disperse and absorb into the surrounding soil below ground. 

Casotti Plumbers can install soakwells, stormwater disposal pipes, pipe covers, and to facilitate cutting the kerb, and once the works are complete, we will reinstate the kerb.

For more about storm water disposal or soakwell installations, get in touch with our experts today! Call Casotti Plumbers at 0418 911 592.

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