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drain blockages

Toilet discharge pipes can get blocked when you put the wrong things down the toilet, such as sanitary pads, food scraps, rags, cans, bottles, paper, fat and grease. Similarly, waste water pipes from basins, sinks, and laundry tubs can also be clogged by food waste, tea leaves, grease, lints, hair and other rubbish. When hot grease is poured into your sink, grease will solidify and set in the pipe when it cools down which will then cause a pipe blockage. Blockages can also happen in your trunk sewer line because of tree roots growing into the pipe, infiltration soil via loose joints.

For your plumbing and sewer system to work properly, the pipes need to be free from blockages. If your pipes are blocked, water will not be able to flow; your toilet, shower, laundry tubs or the kitchen sink will overflow, and waste water will soil your floor and home. Waste water may cause disease and sickness when you come in contact with it.

To unblock your sink, shower or tubs, you must first remove all rubbish that you can see. Then use a large rubber cup plunger to finish unblocking the pipe. Your plunger should be of a heavy and larger rubber cup that is connected with a handle on the closed side. Place it over the opening of the blocked outlet pipe and then thrusting it up and down quickly over the hole. The suction movement caused by the plunger will help to move the blockage.

A mop can be used to unblock a pipe in the same way to unblock a toilet pan, but please be careful not to damage your toilet bowl.

If using your plunger or a mop did not work to clear the blockage, contact Casotti Plumbers, we will ensure you our fast and effective services to fix, clear and clean your drain blockages. We offer 24/7 hours a day services, including toilet, shower, sink clogs and etc. Casotti Plumbers offers our services to both residential and commercial properties.

All our six vans are fully equipped with equipment and tools ready to correct your drain problem for

  • drain cleaning 
  • sewer cleaning
  • sewer camera inspection

Regardless of what drain is blocked, you can count on Casotti Plumber to get it flowing again for you, kitchen sink, drains, bath tub drains, toilet drains and floor drains, we will get it cleared for you.  Our plumbers are professional with a no-nonsense and never give up attitude. Call Casotti Plumbers and save money.

Don’t fall for overpriced plumber or overpriced plumbing services for drain blockage, call Casotti Plumbers first and save money. As our charges are based on first 30 minutes, then we charge at 15 minutes increment. All our works are insured and all works are guaranteed.

Note: Specialised equipment such as drain camera, drain machine, waste drill machine and etc will be separately charged for usage.


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