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repair burst pipes

A quick and effective repair will prevent further water damage to your home or office, in events of pipes burst. Damaged and leaking water pipes can be expensive.

Casotti Plumbers have the equipment to locate the problem and find a solution, saving you money on water bills; no matter if the burst is underground or behind your wall. You may have a burst pipe if you suddenly have a big puddle where there wasn’t one before, or if your water bill begins to soar or if the pressure in your water tank decreases without warning. 

The work will be done quickly by our plumbers, we will assess if the damaged pipe needs replacing or repair work is adequate. We can either replace or repair burst pipes on the spot, be they metal, copper, plastic, lead or stainless steel.

Have a burst pipe? Don’t panic! First, take the following steps to prevent water from leaking out. 

For Temporary Burst Water Pipe Repair

  • For the leaky pipe and fitting: turn off the main water supply, if you don’t know its location, call Casotti Plumbers.
  • Water heating systems should be turned off.
  • To drain the system, turn on your hot water taps.
  • Immediately, switch off the mains because a leaking pipe that is close to electrical appliances is dangerous.
  • Where the water is spilling, look for the hole. With gapless tape, seal the hole. Take a piece of rubber that is secured to the gapless tape and apply pressure.

Fixing the burst pipes is what Casotti Plumbers do best because we have the know-how, the skills and tools. Our services are available 24/7 because a bursting pipe is an emergency. Casotti Plumbers will ensure that the problem will not reoccur and is fixed correctly, and provide you with an honest price quote.

We will be at your home within two hours or less by booking us online or by calling us. We have everything we need, tools and parts necessary, to repair a burst pipe. Our services are affordable, effective and fast.

Should you encounter any emergency situation we’ve got you covered. Casotti Plumbers offer both scheduled maintenance and emergency callouts, and in no time one of our highly qualified plumbers and a fully equipped service vehicle will arrive at your door. Call Casotti Plumbers on 0418 911 592.

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