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fire hose reel test

AS 1851-2005 Maintenance of Fire Protection Equipment and Systems stipulate mandatory maintenance requirements for fire hose reel. All building owners and their agent, or the occupier of the building must satisfy the statutory standards and regulations. 

Australian Standards

These relevant Australian Standards will impact maintenance need of your hose reel systems.

  • AS1851-2005 Fire protection systems and equipment maintenance
  • AS2441-2005 Fire hose reels installation
  • Essential Safety Measures Audit For Fire Hose Reels

AS 1851 Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment setforth very specific maintenance requirements and interval of tests.

All tests will also need to be appropriately recorded in a kept logbook.

Fire Hose Reel Fit For Purpose

You will need to ensure that your hose reels are properly installed and maintained. And when required for fighting a fire the fire hose reels shall be fit for purpose. Also, you will need to make sure that the fire hose reels are not misused. 

A substantial penalty may be imposed for any abuse, such as washing vehicles or floors, because in the event of any emergency, the effectiveness of the fire hose reel may be ineffective.

By Section 14 of AS1851, your hose reel system to be tested annually for flow tests with six monthly inspections, assessments of your fire hose reel conditions. 

In the case where you do not have proper fire protection system maintenance; such as hose reel system, your insurance company will void your claims for fire damages. 

Fire hose reel testing (FHR)

Our fire hose reel test procedure may include but not limited to the following steps

  • Isolation valve installed to the FHR & working correctly
  • Isolation valve must not be leaking
  • Roll out the hose & turn on the water full to ensure strong flow
  • Turn off the water at the nozzle & ensure there is no leak
  • Ensure there is no leak on the FHR drum anywhere
  • Roll the hose back up & lock in the nozzle
  • Tag the correct month/year with the number 1 if it is the first service for that year, if it is the second service for that year it must be tagged with the number 2

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